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New to Medicare? Don't miss these free resources.

Medicare Made Easy Guidebook

Learn how Medicare works, what it covers and how to extend your Medicare benefits.

Retirement Checklist

Prepare for retirement with this time-saving To-Do list.

Plan Comparison Chart

Use this simple chart and see how much you’ll save on health costs.

Countdown to Medicare Checklist

Get ready for Medicare with this simple “Countdown to Medicare” checklist.

Information Kit

Get our free information kit

This no-cost kit is very helpful to anyone on Medicare or new to Medicare. And it’s so easy to get! You’ll learn:

  • How to enroll for NEW coverage
  • Why a Medicare Advantage plan is a better choice for you
  • What makes Experience Health different than other plans
Get Information Kit

Attend a meeting

Learn about our plan and get all of your answers in person at one of our many meetings.

Attend a Webinar

Is your doctor in our network?

Your doctor is important to you. Our doctors know that. That’s why Experience Health has such a large network of providers. And that’s why we’ve provided this easy online tool to see if your doctor is included.

Find Your Doctor

Are your prescriptions covered?

Our Medicare Advantage plan covers thousands of prescription drug plans. See if your drugs are covered by Experience Health!

Find Prescription Drugs

Do you have questions About Experience Health?

As a NEW plan, a lot of people want to know more about Experience Health and what makes us a better choice for anyone on Medicare.

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