New to Medicare?

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Learn how Medicare works, when to enroll, and how to protect your retirement savings with an all-in-one plan that covers just about all you’ll need.

The Experience Health information kit
A doctor.

The NEW all-in-one Medicare Advantage plan.

The new Experience Health Medicare AdvantageSM (HMO) plan was created with the help of Duke Health doctors and backed by Blue. You get access to Duke Health, WakeMed Key Community Care and so many other preferred health systems.

  • $0 medical deductible
  • $0 primary care physician copay
  • $0 prescription copay for the most commonly prescribed drugs
  • Access to doctors and hospitals throughout the Triangle
  • Dental, vision and hearing benefits
  • SilverSneakers® fitness membership included at no cost

Ready to Enroll?
Get this free Information Kit.

This info kit shows you how much you can save with an Experience Health Medicare Advantage (HMO) plan. You’ll learn:

  • How to enroll for NEW coverage
  • What’s included in the all-in-one Experience Health Medicare Advantage (HMO) plan
  • Why the many added extras — including a SilverSneakers® fitness membership at no additional cost — make this plan different than many other Medicare Advantage plans
  • How much better it is to have a Medicare Advantage plan designed by doctors, with care that’s coordinated between you, your primary care physician and your hospitals
The Experience Health information kit

Experience what "more" feels like.

Your Experience Health Medicare AdvantageSM (HMO) plan includes valuable benefits covering you head to sneakers. (SilverSneakers®, that is!)

A barbell
SilverSneakers® Membership
A tooth
Dental Allowance
An eye
Routine Eye Exam
A pair of glasses
Eyewear Allowance
An ear
Hearing Exam / Hearing Aids
A plane
Worldwide Travel Coverage

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